Emma Parkes

Priced at £76.99 but when you go through to checkout a further £10 comes off making it £66.99. Normal price is £90 on the Lego store. 

This was released to celebrate 90 years of LEGO creations as a reimagining of of the 1970s Classic 497 LEGO Galaxy Explorer set.

This 1,254-piece set includes 4 astronauts and their robot helper, plus a surface rover and accessories

  • Retractable ramp: Open the rear doors and extend the ramp to deploy the rover.
  • Downtime with the astronauts: The living quarters feature 2 beds, computers and storage.
  • Sliding door: Open the door between the cargo area and living quarters.
  • Inspired by the 1979 model with classic colours and details from the original
  • Accessories include a surface rover, plus a rover compartment with tools
  • Interior includes seats for all 4 astronauts as well as beds and computers
  • From a range of building sets designed for adult building fans
  • Dimensions:  13 cm high, 52 cm long and 32 cm wide